Executive Leadership

Eli Adahan

Principal Co-Founder

Eli kick-started his career as an NYC real estate agent back in 2002, and by 2004, he founded his own brokerage in Homestead, NYC where he focused on residential leasing and condominium sales. Within 5 years, his company grew to 3 locations staffed by over 100 agents and achieved an impressive brokering record of over $250 million in transactions. Expanding on his success, Eli moved to Upstate NY in 2010 to co-found ME Real Estate with his brother, Moshe.  By 2011, ME had opened their first in-house management company, which grew exponentially to include over 1,300 units across Ohio, New York, and Indiana. Alongside his current role at ME Real Estate overseeing new developments, new acquisitions, big-picture operations, and the company’s portfolio and financing, Eli remains a licensed real estate broker in New York and Ohio.

Moshe Adahan

Principal Co-Founder

Moshe began his career far from real estate, showcasing his talents as the CEO for AC Engineering in the industries of medical devices, NPWT, and airplane pumps. To this day, Moshe holds a position on the board, where he supplies industry leaders in the medical and aviation world with innovative technology solutions, both locally and globally. In 2005, Moshe began investing in NYC real estate with his brother Eli, focusing on the purchase of condominium units. This business venture led to the creation of ME Real Estate in 2010, directly following the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008. Since its development, Moshe has been instrumental in the expansion of ME Real Estate into several cities, including Rochester, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Indianapolis.  Here at ME Real Estate, Moshe takes the lead of business development, overseeing the investment, underwriting, and securing of investments, all the while focusing on the long-term goals and strategies to ensure the continued growth of the company.

Eitan Holder

Director of Acquisitions

Following his graduation from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Accounting degree, Eitan started his real estate career at Phillips Edison and Company, where he was responsible for 31 grocery-anchored centers totaling over 4 million square feet and over 1,000 national tenants. As an accountant, Eitan performed financial modeling and due diligence on new acquisition opportunities with various capital structures for assets over $15 million for AD1 Global. Additionally, Eitan is a licensed real estate agent and is fluent in Spanish and Hebrew, which has proved instrumental in communicating with clients of different cultures. Eitan’s diverse experience led to his current role at ME Real Estate, finding and underwriting the best deals in every asset class while maintaining an excellent relationship with owners, brokers, and third-party management groups.

Emmanuel Moose

CFO / Investor Relation

Emmanuel started his career within the family Business of Sadev, focusing on the distribution of semi-finish stainless steel products and machine parts for the car, aerospace, and electronic industries. During his employment at Sadev, Emmanuel developed his own division, which he sold after 20 years of service. The company sold its products to over 50 countries worldwide and had offices in France, Switzerland, the USA, Turkey, Russia, and India. Upon exiting his company in 2011, Emmanuel became a valued member of the ME team. Thanks to his extensive experience and network, Emmanuel was named CFO in 2020 and currently oversees underwriting investments and handles European and overseas investor relations.

Eden Cohen

Customer relations & internal Audit Manager

Eden is responsible for optimizing all efficiencies within ME Real Estate by overseeing the processes and workflows of the business, recommending improvements, and managing the communication between ME’s management team and its investors. She creates and maintains a strong reputation by demonstrating consistent and clear communication between internal and external parties, all the while developing the investors’ confidence in the vision and strategy of the company.

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